Professional Dog and Cat grooming is available by appointment Monday - Saturday

We specialize in providing top quality grooming and bathing services for dogs and cats of all sizes. We have a wide selection of quality grooming products to suit each dog's needs and leave them clean, soft and shiny!

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment or get an estimate for your dog or cat's grooming needs.
Our skilled groomers can do everything from nail trim, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, brush out and anal gland expression to full style grooms.

We do each dog or cat individually on an appointment to minimize any kennel time.
A full groom including haircut takes about 1.5-2.5 hours and you can pick up after your appointment.
Many times the cats that come in just need a thorough brushing out to remove the mats and tangles, but haircuts are available if wanted. Cats should be picked up soon after the grooming to prevent any excess stress.

Some clients prefer to drop off their dog in the morning before work to play in the daycare during the day and get groomed in the afternoon. Please set this up before hand to make sure your dog can be in daycare and there is room that day.

Nail trims are available while you wait, please call first to make sure we can do it that day for you.

Grooming pricing is based on many factors including the breed, size, hair condition, temperament, and what services are needed.

Please call with questions or to get an estimate on services.