Doggy Daycare at Petropawlis is an ideal environment for your dog to socialize with other dogs under the watchful eye of our trained staff.

We have an area about 3000 square feet of temperature controlled area to run around and play. We offer balls and chew toys as long as everyone is playing nice.

For those tuggers we have ropes that hang down from the ceiling for anyone to tug on and play. There are cot style beds for the dogs to lay on when resting but they mostly love to lay at our feet when tired. 

The groups are smaller than most other daycare's (15-20 dogs), so there is more attention paid to each dog and less chance of sickness and disagreements. 

Daycare gives your dog an opportunity to play, expending excessive energy while minimizing bad behavior. Doggy Daycare gives you peace of mind knowing your dog is well cared for in a healthy, safe and stimulating environment.

• They learn to play with other dogs and improve their social skills
• They use up their energy during their time at daycare, making them well-rested for the evening after your long day at work
• Daycare helps alleviate destructive behaviors—excessive barking, chewing and digging—which usually result from a lack of exercise. 
• Dogs that are well socialized are better at playing with people, playing with other dogs, tolerating strangers better, adapting to strange environments and become more confident and more emotionally healthy.
• Mental Stimulation. Dogs that sit at home all day can go crazy with boredom. Many dogs that are destructive at home are simply trying to find a way to entertain themselves.

At Petropawlis, we engage your dog in activities that will stimulate your pooch mentally and emotionally.

Please call for current pricing & availability.