DOG BOARDING (Overnight Sleepovers)

We offer a low number specialized overnight boarding experience for your companion combined with a full day of playtime and daycare. With a limited number of boarders, we can spend more time one on one with your dog throughout the day.

A typical day for your dog staying over will be going out for a walk in the morning, eating breakfast, morning playtime, afternoon group nap, walk, afternoon playtime, dinner, rest time and walk before bed.

After playing all day and a walk before bed, your companion will sleep on a elevated cot bed in a spacious kennel with soft music playing designed to calm them for their night stay.

For the overnight stays we have 24 hour security, complete building sprinkler system wired to local Fire Stations just 5 blocks away and staff members located just blocks from the business. We have found 24 hour staffing caused unnecessary disruptions throughout the night, keeping your pet from a restful night's sleep.

$42 per night for the first dog. 
$37 per night for a companion dog from the same home.

Boarding includes all day Doggy Daycare.

Drop off times for boarding; (call for other times)
8am-6pm Monday-Friday.
9am-5pm Saturday.
11am-5pm Sunday.

Pick up times for boarding;
8am-12 noon Monday-Friday, pick up after 12:30 is an extra $15 for part day of daycare till 6pm.
9am-12 noon Saturday, pick up after 12:30 is an extra $15 for part day of daycare till 6pm.
11am-12 noon Sunday, pick up after 12:30 is an extra $15 for part day of daycare till 5pm.

Changes or cancellations for a reservation that include weekend boarding must be done by 7pm Wednesday prior to your dogs stay. Reservations over Holidays require a one week notice to change or cancel.

Holiday Hours Vary, please call for current times.

• stays that are 5-7 nights are 5% off per night
• stays that are 8 nights or more are 15% off per night
Please Bring
• current vaccination records
• your puppy/dog food (labeled with his/her name and how much to feed) include extra if measured out
• your puppy/dog blanket (optional)
* Please do not bring toys or bowls.

Required Vaccinations:
• Rabies
• DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Para-influenza).
• Bordetella

• Must be in good health
• Have no flees
• Use a flea and tick preventer from April to October
• Have had a negative fecal exam once per year.
• Spayed or neutered if over 7 months of age, please let us know if not or its close to that age.
• Dog and People Friendly
• Kenneling is not recommended for dogs with extreme separation anxiety
If your dog has not visited us before we recommend (require in most situations) that he or she tries a day of daycare before boarding.